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Lucy Hale spills about awkward Fifty Shades of Grey audition

Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, is talking about her audition for the Anastasia Steele role in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie and, according to the actress, it was anything but pretty.

“Awkward… it was actually just me (in the audition),” Hale told MTV of the process. “It was a two-page monologue of exactly what you would think it would be. Very uncomfortable, but it was sort of one of those things where you just had to go for it or you’re just gonna look lame. Hopefully, I didn’t look lame.”

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Though Hale didn’t elaborate on which scene from the movie she performed at her audition, it’s probably safe to assume it was something racy. “Let’s just say I don’t want my grandmother watching this audition tape,” she said.

The actress, who also recently released a debut county music album, was in the running to play the female lead in the popular book adaptation, but Dakota Johnson was eventually cast in the part. If Johnson has any of the same qualms about family members watching her performance in the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey scenes, she can breath at least one sigh of relief: Her father, Don Johnson, revealed he won’t be watching the movie. “I probably will not see it just because it is not a movie I would see,” the Miami Vice star reportedly told the Telegraph last month. “It’s in a category of films that I just wouldn’t be interested in.”

Despite not winning the role of Anastasia, Hale is still ready to take on a character who is a departure from Pretty Little Liars‘ Aria Montgomery. “I definitely am ready to take a step and do something a bit more risky, absolutely, but it’s a fine line,” she told MTV back in 2012. “I don’t know what that fine line is, but I’m definitely ready to explore the darker side of my acting abilities.”

Fifty Shades of Grey was originally slated for release in August of 2014, but the date has since been pushed back to sometime in 2015.

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