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6 Times TV got real life marriage right

Here are a few TV marriages that reflect the ongoing joys and challenges faced by real life couples.

1. Pam and Jim, The Office

Pam and Jim from The Office demonstrate what marriage looks like when you marry your best friend. They give every gal who has an office crush on the funny cute guy hope that they could end up together. Pam and Jim weren’t without their conflicts, but the strong bond they share pulls them through.

2. Russ and Lina, Married
Married‘s Russ and Lina are spot-on in their depiction of a modern-day marriage. This couple is showing what many marriages are living, and that is that life interferes with the best of marriages. While kids, scheduled activities, errands, work and a lack of sex threaten this marriage, this couple is good about getting back to doing what they do best — being best friends.

3. Ray and Debra, Everybody Loves Raymond
In Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray and Debra are a couple that nailed the ongoing power struggles in marriage. Debra’s aggravation with Ray is that he never completely grasps how much energy it takes to be a full-time domestic diva with an annoying mother-in-law scrutinizing your every move. Ray’s frustration with Debra is she just doesn’t get what it’s like to be a guy who wants to drink beer, play golf, watch sports and have sex every night.

4. Mitch and Cam, Modern Family

Mitch and Cam of Modern Family share a dynamic that is so reminiscent of what makes marriage fun — the dance between two people who are different in so many ways, but who share a profound love for one another. Anyone who has been married can appreciate the frustration felt by both Mitch and Cam, and how a deep affection can make the frustration worthwhile.

5. Frank and Estel Costanza, Seinfeld
Frank and Estel Costanza from Seinfeld got it right, not because they gave us a marriage to aspire to, but because they remind us of marriages in our personal circles. These two can’t get through a conversation without yelling at one another in a way that puts everyone on edge. We all know a couple whose marriage is built on bickering, yelling and nitpicking — yet it somehow stands the test of time.

6. Jeff and Audrey, Rules of Engagement
Jeff and Audrey spotlight the type of marriage that resonates with viewers. Jeff is the big, dumb animal who lives vicariously through his creepy playboy single friend, all while being fiercely loyal to his wife. Audrey is in a perpetual state of frustration with Jeff’s skewed perception of the world, but she also finds it endearing. This marriage shows us that if you can learn how to love the things that drive you nuts about your partner, you can have a lasting relationship.

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