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Pretty Little Liars review: ‘A’ might actually be for Alison

Pretty Little Liars has come full circle and is now pointing the ‘A’ finger at Alison. Could the uber-liar also be the Uber-A we’ve been looking for?

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Alison lies again. No, really. We’re shocked. OK, OK, OK, we’re joking. It’s actually what she doesn’t say that has us getting a sinking suspicion.

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We try not to get invested in the latest A suspects Pretty Little Liars throws our way. It’s like the flavor of the week. Who hasn’t seemed dangerously A-like at least once or twice in the series thus far? I can’t think of one character who hasn’t lied or acted suspiciously throughout the series. But tonight, the show does get us thinking, at least, with Alison’s latest slip-up. While writing a text message on this week’s episode, Ali almost signs off a text with, “A” before realizing her mistake.

It could have been an innocent blunder, but Ali continues to rack up her guilty points when she lies about a mysterious scar on her leg. While getting checked out at a doctor’s office — accompanied by her faithful friend Hanna (Ashley Benson), who is rocking some new black streaks in her hair — Ali is asked about a scar on her leg. Going along with the abduction story, she says she was blindfolded when it happened. Hanna later asks her about it, and Ali admits she wasn’t blindfolded. Though she wishes she had been. Coy as always, we don’t get a straight answer out of her. Do we think she’s Uber-A? Highly unlikely. Still, it’s fun to speculate.

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It appears everyone in Rosewood is playing coy, like always, including and especially the parents. Namely, Mr. and Mrs. Hastings. One or both of them may have killed Mrs. D. to protect Spencer (Troian Bellisario) if the facts from this week’s episode are any indication. We actually think this theory makes sense. Mrs. D was planning on pinning the death of the girl in Ali’s grave on Spencer. One or both of the Hastings may have discovered the plot and disposed of Mrs. D. before she could cause drama for the family. Perhaps Melissa is in on the secret and that’s why she’s been pushing her parents to admit the truth.

Finally, let’s talk about Aria (Lucy Hale) who isn’t hiding one thing: her insane guilt over killing Shana. Everything reminds her of Shana, and it’s driving the poor girl to a mental breakdown. So she does what any teenager would do if she murdered someone and was trying to deal with the cover-up: She runs into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, of course. It’s Ezra to the rescue with some innocent games of checkers to cheer her up.

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And it works. It works too well, my friends, because the two are so on the verge of rekindling the romance. Their checkers game almost turns into a sleepover. Aria wants it. Ezra wants it. But neither let it happen. Yet. But it’s so in the cards for these two. Come on, they’re definitely getting back together. We give this distant act another week before it crumbles.

This episode was pretty good, but next week is promising to be the best yet because it’s the 100th episode. Caleb is returning. Plus, in the preview, Mona slaps Ali and Ali slaps Mona. It’s going down. We can’t wait.

Are you ready to see Ezra and Aria get back together? Do you think Ali could be Uber-A?

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