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Once Upon a Time casts Frozen roles: Time for a musical?

Once Upon a Time announced that they’ve cast two Frozen characters for Season 4 and we think it’s high time they gave us a musical episode. We’ve even got suggestions for some songs they should use.

Now that Once Upon a Time has cast Frozen characters, Anna and Kristoff, for next season, could it be time for the show to revisit the idea of a musical episode?

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The question about a musical episode has been raised by fans pretty much since the series first premiered on ABC. After all, when you’ve got a show that is not only about fairy tales, but also features many characters seen in Disney musicals, it’s natural to wonder if they might sing on the TV show.

Wetpaint posed the question to a couple of OUAT‘s cast members and while Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) said it “could be fun,” Robert Carlyle (Rumple) wasn’t as jazzed about the idea.

“Musicals to me have always been weird. People singing at each other. Very, very odd,” adding that he would do his best to get out of it if it ever did happen. “I’m afraid I would have to be bound and gagged and thrown onto the stage from a great height. Even then I might escape. I would escape.”

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OK, so a singing Rumple might be out, but if the rest of the cast is up for it, why not? There are plenty of reasons why a musical episode would work for the show. Many non-musical TV series have managed to pull off one-off musical episodes quite nicely. ABC’s own Grey’s Anatomy did it a couple seasons ago and who can forget the wonderful musical episodes that came from shows like Scrubs, Community, How I Met Your Mother and, perhaps the best one ever, Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Another reason a musical episode could really work for Once Upon a Time is that musicals are becoming all the rage these days. The Sound of Music Live! did amazing over the holidays, so much so that other musical TV specials are in the works.

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If the cast and creators of Once Upon a Time do decide to do a musical episode, here are some songs we think they should do:

  • “Let it Go” — Frozen‘s top hit seems like the perfect choice given the recent casting news. Plus, it’s just a great song.
  • “Little Red Riding Hood” — while not a Disney song, it would still be a fun one for them to do.
  • “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid — we’ve already seen Ursula on the show once; why not singing the next time?
  • “Kiss the Girl,” also from The Little Mermaid could be fun, too. Perhaps Hook could sing it to Emma?
  • “Tale as Old as Time” from Beauty and the Beast would be great, even without Robert Carlyle as Rumple/The Beast.
  • “Some Day My Prince Will Come” from the original Snow White would be absolutely amazing. Come on, who else is with me on this?
  • “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King would be a fantastic romantic theme for any couple.

There are hundreds of songs to choose from. What song would you like to hear in a Once Upon a Time musical episode?

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