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PHOTOS: Kate Bosworth takes her Instagram account public

Kate Bosworth took a bold step on Tuesday and made her Instagram account public. Take a look at some of her personal photos.

She’s been notoriously private until now. Kate Bosworth has opened up her personal life to fans by taking her Instagram account public. She took action on Tuesday by tweeting an announcement to her followers.

Anyone who took a glimpse at her account was greeted with an intimate look at her life at home with husband, Michael Polish. The shy star rarely talks about her marriage to the 43-year-old director.

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She shared a photo from the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar party with the couple posing for a selfie in their formal wear. Bosworth gives her hubby a red-lipped smooch on his bearded cheek.

There’s also a sweet family photo that she captioned “Swan Song” with the two on a snowy frozen lake with their dog. The duo is bundled up in their winter gear to keep warm from the cold temperatures.

The Blue Crush star also posted a darling photo with Polish’s teen daughter, Jasper, at Disneyland. The ladies are sporting sequined Minnie Mouse ears adorned with a bow.

Bosworth wrote, “Jasper #Disneyland #ForeverYoung,” underneath the photo in which she embraces her stepdaughter lovingly.

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Bosworth might have captioned this photo “#CreatureFeature,” but the simple shot of the fur-lined hood around her makeup-free face is stunning. She looks straight into the camera in the beauty shot.

The Instagram account is a time capsule filled with wonderful family and romantic moments from the couple who married last August. It’s great to see the newlyweds looking so happy together.

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