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Did Hank Baskett really cheat? 5 revealing clues dissected

A transsexual model claims Kendra Wilkinson’s hubby Hank Baskett had an affair with her. Could it be true? We’re delving into the clues for an answer.

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett may be on the verge of marital turmoil after news surfaced that Baskett had an affair with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London. The National Enquirer is saying London passed a polygraph test about her sexual encounters with Baskett. Us Weekly alleges Kendra Wilkinson flushed her wedding ring down the toilet when she heard the news. And TMZ is reporting the couple is still together, but having issues.

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While it does appear the couple is going through a tough time, we’re wondering what’s really going on since it seems like a lot is simple speculation at this point.

Here’s our list of top reasons we may not know the whole story yet.

1. Wilkinson not wearing her wedding ring

While Us Weekly is claiming she tossed the ring in the toilet, TMZ is saying those rumors are false. Their sources are saying she rarely wears it but still has it. Maybe they fished it out of the john before anyone could flush?

2. Baskett hasn’t filed a lawsuit

If there was no truth to London’s allegations, we think Baskett would have had his lawyers on this stat by now. He would have also released a statement denouncing the claims. Instead, he’s lying low and not talking.

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3. Moving trucks spotted at Wilkinson and Baskett’s gate

Sources are saying Wilkinson discovered the legitimacy of the affair thanks to unexplained charges on Baskett’s credit card. Once she figured out the truth, she went crazy, a source told Us Weekly. She punched walls and threw their wedding photos around. It doesn’t look like the couple has split for good just yet, according to TMZ, but other reports say Baskett checked into a hotel near their house.

4. Is London a prostitute or a model?

London describes herself as a model and says Baskett discovered her thanks to her YouTube videos. But, after the two engaged in mutual masturbation during their first encounter together, Baskett left her a “gift” of $500.

5. Basket paid London thousands of dollars

To keep her from going to the media, Baskett paid London thousands of dollars. She claims she didn’t ask for it, and when Baskett asked to meet with her to offer her money, she refused. Seems like she was more than happy to take it from the tabloids, though. We’re guessing The National Enquirer must have offered her a lot more.

Do you think London is telling the whole truth? Or is there more to the story than we know?

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