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Switched at Birth review: No easy answer

Bay finds out a couple of secrets that are hard to keep from Emmett, Daphne and Regina struggle over college choices, Kathryn makes a new friend and Melody finds herself in an awkward position in “Oh, Future!”

One of the things I like about Switched at Birth is how well it does at hitting hard subjects from a couple of different angles so that fans can decide for themselves what to think. For some questions, there are just no easy answers.

SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • ICYMI last time…
  • Bay and Emmett got back together but decided to still keep the news to themselves for the moment. Only trouble was Tank found out from Bay’s dad.
  • Matthew blackmailed Emmett from reporting him to the school by threatening to forward a provocative photo around school.
  • Kathryn’s book deal hit a snag when Sarah announced she would fight it after learning that a character was based on her.
  • Daphne got promoted over Campbell and after a surprise health inspection put them at odds on how best to handle it, Campbell took a position elsewhere and broke up with Daphne.
  • Regina, still scared from all the threats she received, got really frightened when she thought someone was waiting for her. She then asked Wes to teach her how to shoot a gun.
  • Emmett and Bay discovered why Matthew was attacking Emmett. It turned out that Matthew was secretly in love with him.

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Take Daphne trying to find a good college so she can be a doctor. That whole situation had a plethora of tough questions wrapped up in it. For instance, Regina did have a point about anything being worth doing was also worth sacrificing for, but Kathryn and John also had a point that parents who can afford to pay for their kid’s college shouldn’t feel like they are “spoiling” them by doing so.

Then there was the question about the Latina scholarship. Regina and her mother, and her mother before her are all Latina, and of course, Regina sees her daughter the same way. But right or wrong, Daphne hasn’t suffered from her heritage because she doesn’t look like they do and, therefore, didn’t fit the criteria of the scholarship. All of it made my head spin just thinking about it.

Thank goodness everyone else’s situations didn’t revolve around tough questions — tough situations maybe, but not tough questions. Bay discovered that Melody was thinking of leaving town and tried everything she could to keep Emmett from going with her. She had no way of knowing that the simple housewarming party would turn into a surprise wedding, which would then turn into a surprise baby announcement. As it turned out, that story had my head spinning as well.

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Emmett wasn’t the only one feeling awkward at the party, I actually think Melody felt even more so. A child of a previous marriage is always your child, but an ex being at the wedding of an ex — with a date no less — was beyond uncomfortable. It shows just how strong Melody was, and how cool Gabe was, that they got through that, and I’m so thankful she decided to stay in town. I’m excited to see where this new relationship goes.

Travis and Mary Beth’s story was mostly filler, but still pretty good. I was upset at Travis for getting angry at her for asking about his parents, but after he had explained himself, I was able to forgive him. I’m very proud of both of them for being able to talk it out and not let the situation get out of control. Plus, it was great to see Travis get to meet his football hero.

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My favorite bits:

Emmett innocently asking Bay if she would like to tell his mom they were a couple.

Gabe asking Melody to go to her ex-husband’s housewarming. Can we say “awkward”?

Melody asking if Debbie got a boob job and Gabe saying he needed to get another look.

Kathryn and Sarah becoming friends.

Sarah’s story about John and the chocolate cake. I really hope that’s true because it was so sweet.

Travis’ excitement over meeting his hero.

Bay telling Emmett that his father had room for both him and a new baby.

Emmett: “Seeing you and being with you is the best part of every day.”

Gabe suggesting root canals for his third date with Melody. Sounds about right after their second date.

Melody telling Bay that Emmett needed both of them.

Emmett gathering his old toys up for his little brother. I totally got teary-eyed at that.

What did you think of this episode? Which tough question did you find the hardest to answer in your heart?

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