Robin Thicke tries another creepy apology to his wife

Robin Thicke has been single for nearly six months now, but that won’t stop him from continuing to try to get his wife back.

Robin Thicke is beginning to venture into stalker territory with his relentless attempts to win back his wife Paula Patton. Thicke pulled out the big guns — again — by apologizing to his wife on Sunday night at the BET Awards.

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“I’d like to dedicate this song to my wife and say I miss you, and I’m sorry and this is called ‘Forever Love,'” Thicke said to the audience, and his absent wife, before he began the song.

“Forever Love” is Thicke’s latest song on his album Paula, which also includes songs like “Get Her Back,” “Love Can Grow Back” and “Too Little Too Late.”

Thicke and Patton have been married for more than a decade, and they have a 4-year-old child together. The couple first announced they would be separating back in February after Thicke was seen out partying with other women. It also was just after the infamous performance with Miley Cyrus, where she was seen twerking on him and playing with a foam finger. Compared to Cyrus, Thicke’s role in the whole thing wasn’t that scandalous, but the fact that he was associated with it may have upset his wife.

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Since then, the singer has been doing all he can to get his wife back, including apologizing at concerts and award shows, and even naming his album after her. There have been a few signs they may reconcile, but it looks like it’s not happening.

You can hear Thicke’s creepy ode to his wife when Paula hits stores on Tuesday, July 1.

What do you think of Robin Thicke’s apologies — creepy or sweet?


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