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Tabloid claims Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is pregnant

Don’t buy Andi Dorfman a baby gift just yet. The Bachelorette star refutes the pregnancy claims made by a tabloid magazine.

Nice try, tabloids. In Touch magazine has a new cover story that is totally false. The latest issue claims that Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is pregnant.

The headline reads “A Baby for Andi,” and the article reveals Dorfman might have gotten pregnant during her time in the Fantasy Suite with one of her final three contenders.

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The article says she “took things to the next level in the Fantasy Suite with more than one man.” The In Touch source shared, “She slept with two of the three guys who were left.”

Another insider said, “I’m convinced she’s pregnant.”

While it’s no secret that many of the contestants sleep together on that final night in the Fantasy Suite, the magazine claiming to know that Dorfman is pregnant takes the story to a whole different level.

The In Touch article also quotes a friend of the ABC star saying, “She and [the winner] are inseparable and he’s very protective of her.”

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GossipCop has an interesting theory as to why this story even made it to press. They suggest Courtney Robertson’s salacious tell-all book about The Bachelor inspired the idea that Dorfman might be pregnant. Robertson claimed that the show failed to provide condoms in the Fantasy Suite, even though its producers know that many contestants have sex.

One person who is close to the story is speaking out, so take this as the final word on the topic from The Bachelorette herself.

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