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David Beckham longs to go back to basics with wife Victoria

David Beckham may be internationally famous, but one source says the hunky soccer star longs for the simple life. Check out the latest on the man who’s fond of low-key living and grabbing a good drink.

David Beckham is reportedly feeling a bit burned out by fame. Rumor has it the sexy underwear model is asking his wife, Victoria Beckham, to trade in their jet-setting lifestyle for something a little simpler.

“David has asked Victoria for some downtime so they can really get back to basics and enjoy each other again,” someone claiming to have the inside scoop on the parents of four‘s personal lives has divulged to the British magazine Star.

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“He adores his family and his recent trip to the rainforest in Brazil has made him realize what’s important in life,” the anonymous source went on to say of Beckham. “He’s happy to take a backseat from celebrity life if it means being with his wife and kids more.

“It might sound crazy to you or me, but David loves simple things like grabbing a pint of milk or going to the pub with his mates,” the insider added.

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Of course, grabbing a drink with a friend still has an element of rubbing elbows with the stars when you’re a Beckham. The hunky do-gooder was recently spotted sharing a table with none other than Tom Cruise.

“David and Tom seemed to be having an in-depth chat whilst keeping their eye on the game and enjoying their pints,” an observer told OK! Online of the longtime friends‘ evening out.

Check out the photo a fellow diner managed to sneak. They captioned the pic, “Another Monday night at the pub with David and Tom#cruise #beckham #thecow #london#igavethemmytable.”

Tell us: What do you think are the odds David and Victoria Beckham will leave the celebrity life?

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