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Courtney Robertson spoils Bachelor secrets in new book: No condoms included

Courtney Robertson’s new tell-all book I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends unveils the surprising reality behind the reality TV show The Bachelor.

Courtney Robertson did not have an easy time on The Bachelor Season 16. Though she did go on to win Ben Flajnik’s heart, the self-described reality show villain didn’t find her happily-ever-after following the final rose. Shortly after the show, the pair called it quits in a harsh breakup.

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When we asked her if she regretted going on the show, Robertson thoughtfully replied, “I struggled with that thought after the breakup. But now I don’t. I did find love, even though it wasn’t everlasting. I learned a lot from the experience. If I could do it over, I would definitely do some things differently.”

Still, Robertson doesn’t make excuses.

In fact, she’s laying it all on the table with her new tell-all book I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, which was just released this week. The book details her time on the show in a candid and often hilarious fashion.

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“What’s surprising is how little of it is staged. The emotions are real,” Robertson said.

The book reveals some really shocking facts about the truth behind the show, and we’ve laid them all out for you in a nice roundup. Keep in mind, these are just our top picks. The book is chock-full of fun tidbits about the reality behind the camera. We definitely recommend the juicy read.

1. The illicit skinny-dip

So did they or didn’t they when Robertson snuck out to skinny-dip with Ben in the ocean? Uh, of course they did, people.

2. Condoms not included

The fantasy suite, for all of its promises of romantic alone time complete with rose petals and alcohol, forgot one key element for a night of nookie: condoms.

3. Ben had dishonorable intentions

Robertson believes Ben participated in The Bachelor/ette as a way to promote his winery. Though the two may have found something in each other, she doesn’t believe he had the right reasons going in.

4. This isn’t image overhaul

Sure, Robertson had a not-so-stellar image on The Bachelor, but this book doesn’t try to paint her in some big, grand misunderstood light. She recognizes some mistakes were made, and instead reflects on the way things happened.

5. What happens in Vegas…

Make that, what happens on The Bachelor… Those involved with the show may like to think they have that mentality, though we all know those truths never stay hidden. Case in point: Robertson’s book.

6. No computer. No television. No phones.

This one didn’t really come as a surprise, since we’ve heard it before. But the book definitely strangles you with what that claustrophobia feels like. No wonder these girls break down.

7. Watch out, Trista Sutter

Robertson was not pleased when fellow Bachelor alum Sutter shared her thoughts about Robertson and Flajnik when they split following the show. Sutter said she wasn’t surprised and didn’t really have anything fond to say of Robertson. The feeling is mutual.

8. Celebs have “bushes” too

So the book doesn’t just detail Robertson’s time on The Bachelor. She also spends a considerable amount of pages discussing her celeb dating history too.

9. There’s a contestant formula

Robertson recommends those who want to be on the show cut to the chase and wear a bikini in their application photos. Oh, and make sure to come prepared with a good sob story.

10. The one-on-one food isn’t for eating

Sure, it looks delectable and oh-so-gourmet, but who wants to be talking on-camera with their mouth full? As a result, Robertson says the meals go untouched. We think a growly stomach would be worse than a moment of silence for chewing and swallowing.

As for what’s next for Robertson, she told us, “A summer vacation! I would love to write a second book; it’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about. I’m also excited to find love!”

Hmm… do we hear a request to be the next Bachelorette in there?

Will you read Robertson’s tell-all book I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends? Do you think she would make a good Bachelorette?

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