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INTERVIEW: Lance Bass squashes any hope for an *NSYNC reunion — ever again

Lance Bass address the rumors flying around a possible reunion with his old *NSYNC buddies. Sorry, girls and boys, but you probably won’t like the answer.

Remember a couple months ago when Lance Bass sent out a tweet talking about an *NSYNC reunion tour? Fans went ape at the idea of their favorite ’90s boy band getting back together, but it wasn’t to be. It turned out it was just an April Fool’s prank.

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“I can’t take credit for that because it was Ryan Seacrest,” Bass admitted. “He’s the one who did it. All I did was retweet what he did.”

SheKnows spoke to Bass this week as he took part in the opening ceremony for New York’s Pride Week, and we took a moment to ask him if there were any reunion plans in the future.

“No, nothing at all,” Bass said. “If it makes sense, we’ll come together and do something. Like, the MTV Awards was great because it makes sense to honor Justin [Timberlake]. He gets great awards and [then] we do a little medley to remind everyone where he came from. So things like that, we’ll probably do in the future.”

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Though mini reunions for fun at special events might happen, don’t expect a full-on reunion with the band or any new songs or albums. “As far as doing another album or songs together, I think we’ve moved on from that for so long that it would be hard to get all five of us together. Well, especially Justin. That man… Mr. Superstar, he’s a little busy these days.”

While it sucks to learn that the boys will probably never get together again for anything like a formal reunion, we can still rejoice in the little things. Like the time *NSYNC reunited at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2013. As long as we get to see something like that every once in a while, we can survive, right?

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Well, that and hanging on to our *NSYNC puppet dolls. Don’t lie, you know you still have one hidden in your closet.

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