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VIDEO: Beyoncé & Jay Z finally share their gorgeous wedding

After six years of being married, Beyoncé finally shared a video of her wedding to Jay Z during the pair’s On The Run tour kick-off in Florida.

While kicking off her and husband Jay Z’s On The Run tour, Beyoncé shared intimate images of their wedding day projected onto giant screens for the audience to see.

No one had seen any footage from the Carters’ secret wedding back in April 2008, and the pair decided not to sell photos to any magazines. So, Beyoncé caught fans by surprise when a video showing her and Jay Z taking their vows appeared on the big onstage screens.

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In the clip, the famous couple can clearly be seen in their wedding attire during their covert nuptials. Beyoncé is wearing a traditional white gown and veil, while Jay Z sports an elegant tuxedo. A few other scenes from the wedding are shown, including one of the couple walking as newlyweds among their guests after the ceremony.

Other scenes include clips of Jay Z holding the couple’s small daughter, Blue Ivy, giving her a sweet kiss, and Beyoncé playing with the little girl in the pool.

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Shortly after getting married, Beyoncé told Essence magazine that her love with Jay Z is real and “it’s not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It’s real.” The 32-year-old superstar said they didn’t need to make it a huge media event and added that she and Jay Z always knew they’d get married.

“We’ve been together a long time,” she said. “We always knew it would happen.”

This was the first time images were shown of the couple together at their wedding. But, three years after getting married, Beyoncé shared a clip of herself in her wedding dress in the video for her single, “I Was Here,” and dedicated it to her fans.

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