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INTERVIEW: Yuna on sacrifices she’s not willing to make for fame

Malaysian-born singer-songwriter Yuna tells SheKnows why she isn’t willing to change anything about herself for the price of fame.

Yuna might not be a household name, but there are two things you need to know about the Malaysian-born singer-songwriter right off the bat. 1.) She’s been in the music industry for eight years, so if you haven’t heard her tunes, get informed. 2.) She’s not going to sacrifice anything about herself for fame.

“I’m really into performing the music. I’m not a pop artist. Lady Gaga is known for that,” Yuna tells SheKnows about incorporating a bit more glitz and glam into her stage show. While that might sound like a bit of a dig, it really isn’t. It’s just the words of a 27-year-old songstress who seems very confident in who she is as an artist and what kind of messages she wants to get out there to her fans.

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Among one of her other messages, which she speaks profoundly about to her Twitter followers, includes a fundamental take on women and beauty. “I feel like beauty has a lot to do with confidence,” she says. “The reason why I was getting into the topic a lot [on Twitter] was because a lot of girls feel shy talking about their own beauty.”

You have to admit it. Yuna knows what she’s talking about. Confidence is attractive, and if the entertainer has it her way, she’ll be doing much more than just spreading her word on self-love. She’ll be altering the way people look at it as well. “I feel like I can maybe change that perception of beauty. Beauty is not just about being physical appearance. It’s about what goes on inside.”

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When it comes down to one of her ultimate rules Yuna lives by, she says it’s all about putting yourself first. “Be loyal to yourself. You don’t need other people’s approval. I feel like, for a long, long time, I’m guilty of that… seeking for people’s approval.” It’s a hard thing to accomplish in the entertainment industry as Yuna details how the Malaysian music industry tried to push her to be more of a traditional female pop star. “It’s really important to speak your mind and be firm with your decisions,” Yuna adds.

It’s not like she has to change either as she’s already caught the attention of industry heavyweights like Pharrell (he produced her “Live Your Life” single) and she’s currently touring across the U.S., gaining tons of new fans everywhere she goes.

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