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EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Osbourne addresses rumors about her “two boyfriends

Kelly Osbourne takes celebrity gossip with a grain of salt, but she is grateful that the newest tidbit about her is upping her cool factor.

When you grow up the offspring of rock and roll royalty, you most likely get your fair share of media coverage and paparazzi stalkers. Some people get angry with the exposure, some become jaded. But not Kelly Osbourne, who has developed a refreshingly-healthy outlook about the press she receives, including speculation about the personal details of her love life.

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“I woke up yesterday morning and I have two boyfriends,” said the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne about the most recent rumor she heard about herself. “I was like, ‘Oh that’s cool! That’s really cool! Thank you… thanks for making me look cool.’ But where do they even get this from? I have not one, but two boyfriends, according to media,” she continued, seeming genuinely tickled at the misinformation.

Osbourne is most likely referencing the latest gossip making the rounds claiming that she is hot and heavy with Puff Daddy’s stepson, Quincy Combs, and also has her eye on a British model named Ricki Hall.

The Fashion Police co-host, who is set to play a flight attendant in the upcoming Sharknado sequel, has been kicking around the entertainment biz long enough to know how everything works and her pragmatic approach to understanding the industry seems to keep her sane. “I know all the tricks, I know all of what goes on behind the scenes and if you really knew, you couldn’t take it seriously,” Osbourne said of growing up dealing with the pressures of Hollywood. “People are going to say whatever they want. It’s just gossip. It sells magazines. It makes people money. You’ve just got to pay no attention to it. Unless some of it is really untrue and goes against your beliefs; then, say something.”

Ms. Osbourne is already so awesome on her own, she doesn’t need the rumor mill to make her look any cooler.

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