VIDEO: Satisfaction‘s racy new promo has us hot and bothered (exclusive)

USA has a steamy new show coming this summer. Our super-sexy exclusive promo has us squirming at our desks. How satisfied will you be with Satisfaction?

The blue skies network, USA, is exploring the gray with its new series, Satisfaction. Everyone thinks the rules of their marriage are black and white, but what happens when one partner doesn’t see things quite so defined? In this exclusive clip, Neil Truman comes home from work to find his wife having sex with another man. How does he react? By going after a little side action of his own… and going after the man he found in his bedroom.

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All signs point to Satisfaction being one satisfying summer sizzler. In recent promos, we’ve seen a collection of television tropes we love: cheating, fighting, hooking up and a marriage we desperately want to see work out. Added bonus: wall sex and Matt Passmore shirtless… and talking about his, ahem, package. The only thing keeping us from throwing our panties at the screen is the laptop in our laps. As if summer isn’t hot enough already, Satisfaction is already leaving us sweaty under the collar. We can’t wait to see what kind of scandal USA will throw at us in the premiere season, but we’re ready to eat it up.

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The lineup is rife with talent, too. USA and The Glades alum, Matt Passmore, plays our leading man and “cheating” husband. Even though he’s not using his native Australian accent, we still find him oh-so-sexy. His wife and the lady in charge of kicking off the sexcapades is Stephanie Szostak, from The Devil Wears Prada. Added bonus: The dude Mrs. Truman is hooking up with is none other than Blair Redford, from Switched at Birth. With such an attractive cast, we’ll keep watching as long as people are getting nekkid.

Ready for the fun? Satisfaction premieres July 17 at 10/9c on USA.

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