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How a pair of Knicks tickets helped a child victim of Typhoon Haiyan

More than two months after an exceptionally powerful typhoon stormed through the Phillipines, millions of people remain displaced and desperate for help.

tAs a 20-something working in New York, it’s often hard to separate work time and community service. But with this past Christmas season, the New York City media agency community figured out a way to do just that.

tWhen tragedy strikes, it’s all over the news. We stop, we sympathize. And sometimes, we even donate to those causes. But with our never-ending news cycle, it’s easy for important causes to fall by the wayside.


t AdReliefNYC brought together New York’s advertising community to raise funds for one such tragedy — Typhoon Haiyan, the November typhoon that struck the Phillippines, leaving more than 6,000 people dead and millions of children displaced.

t That’s where we came in.

t Zenith Media, The Media Kitchen, Moxie, Deep Focus, SellerCrowd, L’Oreal, Diane von Furstenberg, Spotify, Maker Studios, H&M and dozens of other companies donated their time, goods and other services in a silent auction, with the proceeds going to UNICEF.

t Even months later, the funds can go a long way in helping those children who need shelter, clean water, medicine and nutrition.


t It’s heart warming to see people out of their traditional roles and making things happen. Be grateful for where you are in life, and when tragedy strikes step up to the plate.

t It goes to show that when crisis kicks in, so do the generous efforts of those around you.


t I was incredibly proud to be part of an industry that’s made up of people who go the extra mile.


t When you even feel a lull in life, sometimes it’s just a little bit of gratitude and giving even your time to others that helps.

t If you’d like to donate to those still suffering from Typhoon Haiyan, it’s never too late.

tUNICEF Typhoon Haiyan relief website

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