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The lesson we can all learn from Batkid

If you had the power to make a sick child’s wish come true, would you? The city of San Francisco and more than 11,000 Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area volunteers did just that to let a tiny superhero, Miles Scott, spend his day fighting crime as Batkid.

BatKid in San Francisco
t Friday morning started with a special edition of the San Francisco Chronicle printed in honor of Batkid, a 5-year-old named Miles Scott. He was diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months old, but as of June, he is in remission. The city of San Francisco and more than 11,000 Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area volunteers made this tiny superhero’s wish come true by letting Batkid spend all day Friday fighting crime while dressed as Batman in his own personal “Gotham City.” He even had his own Batmobile.

t Miles Scott was called into service on Friday morning by San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr to help fight crime as Batkid. All day, Batkid responded to Gotham citizens’ calls for help.

t First, there was a distress call from a woman who had been tied up on the tracks by the Riddler. Batkid rescued the woman and helped the Gotham police arrest the supervillain.

t Then the Penguin began taunting Batkid on Twitter during lunch. After lunch, the Penguin kidnapped the San Francisco Giants’ mascot, but Batkid saved him and the Penguin was arrested.

t Finally, with a huge crowd waiting for him at city hall, Batkid was greeted by a special message from President Barack Obama, and then Mayor Edwin Lee gave Batkid the key to the city.

t The whole city of San Francisco pulled together to make this little boy’s wish come true. Sure, it was a lot of fun and games — all concocted to make a 5-year-old smile — but it should also teach us something: The simplest act of kindness can mean everything to a person who is losing everything or has nothing.

t I am sure that shutting down the city was expensive, but can you really put a price on making someone’s dream come true? A child’s happiness is priceless. Making Miles Scott’s wish come true meant that for a moment, he didn’t have to be the sick kid. He got to be Batkid. For a day, he didn’t have to worry about dying because he was living the best day of his life! Doesn’t everyone deserve to have a little human kindness extended to him or her?

t We can’t all shut down a city and become superheroes, but every one of us can do something kind for a stranger, a friend or a family member because a simple gesture may mean everything to someone in need. We can all learn from Batkid and the city of San Francisco that inside all of us is a tiny superhero who has the power to change the world by doing something kind in the world.

t What was the last random act of kindness you performed? What are you waiting for? You could be making someone’s wish come true.

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