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Kanye West’s new career — teaching fashion students

Kanye West is out doing good all over the country, but his new career isn’t exactly his choice — it’s mandated by the court.

Kanye West has been helping his community, but it may not be his choice. The recently-married rapper has been speaking at many different colleges about fashion.

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West reportedly made an agreement in March related to his attack on a photographer nearly a year ago, according to Vanity Fair. West agreed to 24 months of “informal probation” and 250 hours of community service. TMZ reported that West’s visits to the schools aren’t exactly out of the kindness of his own heart, but are part of his community service agreement.

West was arrested on July 19, 2013 after he landed at LAX and was faced with photographers. One of the photographers said West punched him and took his camera. West was later charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft.

Back in November, Yeezus himself spoke at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, with Kim Kardashian tagging along and tweeting photos. On Monday, June 23, West spoke to students at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College to talk “about designers.” The rapper was there for three hours, but it was the third time he had been at the school this year.

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A student posted a photo to Instagram two months ago as West spoke “about the business of fashion and his personal experience within the fashion industry.”

While West probably got off easy with his community service requirements, it looks like he is doing all he can to fulfill them — and is doing a good thing in the process. It may be time for Chris Brown to take a note from Kanye West’s playbook — or, at least, do what he can to hire West’s lawyer.

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