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OITNB‘s Laura Prepon: I’m in every episode of Season 3

Laura Prepon confirms that she will be in every single episode of Orange Is the New Black‘s third season. Yep, you heard that right.

Time to rejoice, fans of Orange Is the New Black. If you simply can’t get enough of Alex, then your wish has come true. Laura Prepon has confirmed that she will be back in every single episode of Season 3.

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Season 2 of the hit Netflix series was just released earlier this month, but Prepon has already been fielding questions about Season 3. Us Weekly spoke to Prepon at the recent Critics’ Choice Awards about the scheduling conflicts that prevented her from appearing more in the show’s second season, plus how she handled that situation for the third season.

“It sucked because [show creator] Jenji Kohan and I wanted me to be in it more, but with the schedule, it didn’t happen,” Prepon said. “I was so bummed out. But I handled it, so I’m in every [episode] in Season 3. It is so good.”

So there you have it, Alex fans. Now that you’ve probably just finished binge-watching Season 2, you can get yourself mentally ready to do the same for Season 3 and soak up all of that lovely Alex goodness.

Prepon loves the character just as much as the fans do. In our recent interview, Prepon shared what her favorite things were about playing Alex.

“Alex is a total badass and I absolutely love her,” Prepon declared. “It’s one of my favorite roles I’ve ever played. She’s such a badass and so cool, but she’s also really vulnerable and totally in love with this woman. But she’s also power hungry. She’s like the coolest chick ever.”

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“She scares me a little bit,” Prepon added. “Because we definitely, all of us, as actors, get pushed out of our comfort zone, which is amazing because that’s how you grow as an actor. And Alex did scare me a little bit, I’m not gonna lie, but it’s also why I knew I had to play her.”

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