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Eliza Dushku splits from longtime boyfriend Rick Fox

Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox split up after five years of dating because they want to live on opposite coasts.

It’s over for longtime couple Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox after five years of dating. The duo apparently wants to live on opposite coasts.

Speaking with The Boston Globe, Dushku said she just bought a condo close to the home where she grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts. But Fox prefers to live in Los Angeles, so he will stay there and be newly single. “Rick’s an LA guy and I’m a Boston girl,” the actress said.

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Dushku’s reasons for moving back East mainly include her wanting to go back home, but she also joked about her yearning for having an underground space again.

“Nobody in LA has a basement,” the Bring It On star said. “They all have the obligatory storage spaces in the Valley.”

After living in California for many years, Dushku was really itching to go back to Massachusetts because she missed her old town and family. She also hinted at the superficial way of living in Los Angeles, saying she’d rather be “a little physically cold” in Boston “than emotionally cold in LA.”

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The Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum revealed she intends to go back to school, although she still doesn’t know what to study. Plans for big changes in Dushku’s life came after an unsuccessful audition to star in the How I Met Your Dad pilot a few months ago. She also hinted at a new direction during an interview with The Improper Bostonian recently.

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“After living in Los Angeles for 15 years, I definitely grew out of being an LA hater, but I think there’s a level of truthfulness and individuality [in Boston] that is refreshing in a business where everyone conforms to certain standards,” Dushku said. “I just come alive when I’m home.”

Fox did not address his breakup from Dushku while he was a guest cohost on The View Tuesday.

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