24: Live Another Day review: New challenge accepted

Jack and the rest of the good guys have a minor victory, but the triumph is short-lived when a new threat rears its head in “7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.”

Boy, time flies when you’re having fun watching 24: Live Another Day. Maybe not for poor Jack Bauer and his buddies trying to stop a terrorist attack, but it definitely does for me. Seems like every time I watch this show, I find huge chunks of time just disappearing like nothing. I get so caught up in the action that I keep looking at the show’s clock and can hardly believe so much time has passed because it usually feels like mere seconds from one heart-stopping moment to another.

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I knew there was no way that the president was dead, but I don’t know that I thought we’d see him alive so quickly. Barely 10 minutes into the episode and we already had Heller safe and well. Not that I mind of course, but wow, that was really quick. The reunion that Heller had with Audrey was very sweet, as was her phone call to Jack thanking him for saving her father’s life. Mark didn’t seem too pleased with how close they were getting, but I kind of doubt he really has anything to worry about. Even if Jack gets through all this, he will undoubtedly be on the run again and probably won’t have time for any sort of relationship. Let’s be realistic here.

If you, like me, were wondering just how long they could keep up the “we have to find the drones!” part of this series, we got our answer in this episode. I was flabbergasted when Jack found Margot and Ian just halfway through the episode and very nearly fell off my couch when he killed not just one of them, but both of them — and by throwing them out a window, no less. Jack doesn’t mess around, does he?

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One challenge came to an end, but soon Jack had an even bigger one to deal with. Considering he was trying to stop an international terrorist incident, it’s hard to imagine there would be something bigger out there, but there was. Jordan’s body was found (Boo. I was really hoping he survived.) and Steve was discovered as a traitor. Adrian asked Steve to deliver the drone override device in exchange for safe passage out of the country.

Wait. The drone override? That would be useless once Margot was dead and all her drones destroyed, right? Not so. The device was capable of overriding any computer system, which would make it invaluable to anyone who had it. The question now is: Does Adrian want it to sell it or is Jack about to have another terrorist on his hands?

Just three more hours/episodes to go.

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My favorite bits:

Everyone watching the burned hole where the president stood. Wow.

Discovering the president wasn’t dead. Aha! I knew it!

Jack turning to Heller to tell him it was all clear. I actually cheered out loud. No lie.

Heller: “I am the president of the United States of America and I just gave you an order.”
Belcheck: “I am not an American citizen and this is not America.”

Prime Minister: “Nothing causes a panic like telling people to remain calm, does it?”

Audrey thanking Jack for keeping her father alive, and the look Mark gave her when she said it.

Margot threatening yet another one of her children with death.

Jack getting in the window, tossing Ian out, shooting Margot and redirecting the missile in less than one minute.

Jack: “The only death tonight on my head is yours.”

Screaming out loud when Jack threw Margot out of that window.

Belcheck informing Heller that his name was one word, like “Madonna.”

Heller ordering his guards to show Belcheck some respect.

What did you think of this episode of 24: Live Another Day? Which moment shocked you the most?


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