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Michelle Obama’s surprising advice to her younger self

Michelle Obama has some wise words to share with her younger self that probably aren’t what you’d expect. Check out what the first lady had to say here about what kids these days should keep in mind.

Michelle Obama is well aware that things have changed since she was a kid, and there’s no time like the present to start mapping out your future.

The first lady, who has been known to weigh in on the ways of young people in the past, recently opened up about the advice she’d give her younger self if given the chance.

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“I would have been more strategic. Because the thing is, getting into college nowadays is harder than ever before. I don’t remember having to think about all these things,” the 50-year-old beauty explained while speaking to E! News at the National Summer Learning Day Fair when asked about what young Michelle would do differently today.

“But there are so many kids who don’t know that they need to be thinking about internships and making money and developing skills with financial literacy. I wish I had known more about these things.”

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“I wasn’t this sophisticated when I was their age,” Obama added, referring to young people today. “I worked because I had to work, so I did the basic things like babysitting, I worked at a bindery once, I was the typist.

“But I did that because I had to make money, and that’s one of the reasons why events like these are so important, because we want all kids to know that they need to think strategically about how they’re spending their summers. Especially if they want to go to college.”

As for her own future after President Barack Obama’s term concludes, Mrs. Obama told ABC News there’s no truth to the rumors that she’ll start a political career of her own.

“No, it will not be political,” the proud mom shared recently of her future. “It definitely will not be. It will be mission-based, service-focused.”

How does your advice for your younger self compare to Michelle Obama’s?

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