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Gary Oldman defends Mel Gibson’s racist rants

Gary Oldman doesn’t think Mel Gibson did anything wrong with his racist comments and actually thinks it’s Hollywood’s fault for being too politically correct.

Gary Oldman has been in Hollywood a long time, and with his different portrayals of all different kinds of characters, he has fans the world over. But in a new interview with Playboy, he launched an attack on Hollywood and the “political correctness” he sees — including in the case of Mel Gibson.

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“I don’t know about Mel,” Oldman said, according to the Daily Mail. “He got drunk and said a few things, but we’ve all said those things.”

Mel Gibson was arrested after a tirade on a police officer a few years ago, after he went off on a racist rant. He was also accused of spousal abuse during his divorce with his then-wife. He has since become something of a pariah in Hollywood.

“Mel Gibson is in a town that’s run by Jews and he said the wrong thing because he’s actually bitten the hand that I guess has fed him — and doesn’t need to feed him anymore because he’s got enough dough,” Oldman told Playboy. “We all hide and try to be so politically correct. That’s what gets me. It’s just the sheer hypocrisy of everyone, that we all stand on this thing going, ‘Isn’t that shocking?'”

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And Oldman’s interview didn’t stop there. He added, “At the Oscars, if you didn’t vote for 12 Years a Slave you were a racist.”

The actor said people should “get over” what Gibson has done and said.

Back in 2011, friend Robert Downey, Jr. also said people should forgive Gibson, but he didn’t expand on the argument quite in the same way Oldman did.

You can read the full interview in the July/August issue of Playboy, on newsstands Friday, June 27.

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