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Switched at Birth review: Under the radar

Bay and Emmett inadvertently learn a surprising secret about Matthew; Daphne and Campbell hit a rough spot; Kathryn has a choice to make about her book; and Regina’s fears force her to consider a new option in “Like a Snowball Down a Mountain.”

Bay and Emmett’s story took a surprising turn in this episode of Switched at Birth. Sure, there was the expected (but no less painful to watch) heartbreak from Tank when he learned that they slept together before he and Bay had broken up. Who knew that step would lead Bay to rethink what they discovered about Matthew and advise Emmett to give the poor guy a way out?

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I never once thought that Matthew’s actions and anger stemmed from unrequited love, but once the facts were laid out, it made a lot of sense. The final scene between Emmett and Matthew was great and I was happy to see that Emmett not only took Bay’s advice, but tried to give Matthew the chance to talk to him. I, of course, understood why Matthew couldn’t do it, but I think Emmett’s choice will make it easier for Matthew to come out when he’s ready. I think he also knows that Emmett will be there for him when he does.

One person I was not proud of in this episode was Campbell. Who knew Mr. Daredevil could be such a coward? I can understand not being happy about someone with less experience getting a job over you, but taking it out on your girlfriend is not cool. But it wasn’t even that part that made me angry with him, it was the fact that, when all was said and done, he didn’t even have the guts to actually break up with Daphne. Instead, he just said he would be “too busy” to hang out once he started his new job. Seriously? It’s sad that they are breaking up so soon after getting together, but I guess it’s good that Daphne found out what kind of guy he really is.

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As for Kathryn, I was glad that Regina talked to her about the damage that rumors could do, because I was sort of leaning toward being on Sarah’s side. If you don’t know something is true, it’s probably not a good idea to write about it in a book. It was great that Kathryn realized her error, but I think her publisher isn’t going to let her take the high road that easily.

Finally, there was Regina and the whole gun thing. I hate talking about the subject of gun control, because it seems like it’s impossible for people to find a middle ground. Either they believe no one should have guns or they believe that everyone should have them. Personally, I think it’s not even remotely that simple. This being a TV show, I have a feeling her decision is going to have consequences and I shudder to think what they might be.

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My favorite bits:

Bay: “Oh, it was a tasteful junk shot.”

Finding out that, at least, the picture wasn’t actually of Emmett’s junk. Still bad, but not as bad.

Angelo asking if the sound of the blender was Regina’s alarm clock. That would be one crazy way to wake up.

Totally practicing the sign for “amazing.” I love how educational this show is.

Kathryn telling Bay where the box of condoms was and offering to help her find the Pill. She is such a cool mom!

Campbell offering to help Daphne fix her mistake. So sweet.

Kathryn taking pictures for her book cover with the hot models. Whoa.

Bay and Emmett planning a complicated heist to get the photo off Matthew’s phone.

Totally agreeing with Daphne, I would want to get that inspection right the first time, too.

Regina: “You want to knock down a successful woman, call her a slut.” — Sad how true that is.

Tank: “Just so I know, was it the army guy who lied about cheating on you, or Emmett, who actually did?” — Ouch. Sounds even worse when he put it like that.

John reassuring Bay that she wasn’t a bad person, she just made a bad choice.

Bay telling Emmett he needed to handle Matthew just right or it could scar him.

What did you think of this episode of Switched at Birth? Were you surprised by the revelation about Matthew?

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