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Kim Jung Un: Film about my assassination is desperate

Seth Rogen and James Franco’s latest project has them assassinating the North Korean leader (only on film, of course), and Kim Jung Un isn’t laughing.

Seth Rogen and James Franco have caught the attention of Kim Jung Un with their new film. And although a spokesman for the North Korean leader said the film is an example of “desperation,” he said Jung Un will probably see it anyway.

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The film, The Interview, follows two celebs (played by Rogen and Franco) who are supposed to assassinate Kim Jung Un after the CIA learns that he likes their show.

Kim Myong-choi, the unofficial spokesman for the North Korean leader (and executive director for the Center for North Korea-U.S. Peace), told the Telegraph that although Franco and Rogen are only joking about the topic, it could be taken seriously because of events around the world.

“A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the U.S. has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine,” he said. “And let us not forget who killed Kennedy — Americans.

“In fact, President Obama should be careful in case the U.S. military wants to kill him as well,” he added. “There is a special irony in this story line as it shows the desperation of the U.S. government and American society.”

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Myong-choi is obviously not adverse to all non-Korean films, and said that he enjoys British films more than American films.

“James Bond is a good character and those films are much more enjoyable,” he said.

Rogen doesn’t seem too worried about people taking his movie seriously. He wrote on Twitter that he was thrilled Kim Jung Un is paying attention.

The Interview is out in October — watch the trailer here

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