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Chomp on Shark Week 2014’s all-new programming

Get out of the ocean and head for the television: Shark Week 2014’s lineup is here.
We’re still a month and a half out from the return of Shark Week, but we couldn’t be more excited for the lineup announcement made by the Discovery Channel today. After last year’s record-breaking viewership, Discovery is continuing to make Shark Week even bigger and badder. The 2014 festivities will even feature a nightly live chat show and plenty more brilliant new shark-centered originals.

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Shark After Dark

A live chat show hosted by Josh Wolf, viewers can interact with the host who will be visiting celebrity guests and shark experts during this hour-long show devoted to all things shark and Shark Week. You know we’re going to ask them about Katharine and Betsy, the two most famous sharks stalking American waters right now.


As if dealing with the gargantuan waves off the Hawaiian coasts isn’t challenging enough for surfers, they’re also facing a new threat. Shark attacks are becoming a more common occurrence in Hawaii, scaring many board-riders right out of the water. Surf legend, Kala Alexander, is going on the hunt to find out what’s causing the spike. (Uh, global warming, anyone?)

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Monster Hammerhead

Heading to Florida for a late-summer vacay? This hunt for a rumored 30-foot hammerhead stalking the Florida coast ought to keep you out of the water and planted firmly in the sand. Follow scientists as they explore whether there is truth to the rumors or not.

Shark of Darkness: Submarine Returns

How do you know you’ve got a big shark on your hands? When scientists dub the creature “Submarine.” Rumored to be a whopping 30-feet long, Submarine is supposedly one of the largest sharks in the world. Can this South African legend be real? Scientists explore the evidence and weigh in on the legend of Submarine.

There’s more ahead, though. Shark Week will show some old shark favorites, as well as premiere even more new shows, including Megalodon: The New Evidence, I Escaped Jaws 2, Air Jaws: Quest for Colossus, Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth and Lair of the Mega Shark. Yikes! And as if all that isn’t terrifying enough, wait until you watch Zombie Sharks, which searches for the truth behind “tonic immobility” in sharks.

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