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Cindy Crawford wants to be a stage mom

Cindy Crawford spent years as a supermodel, and is now hoping her kids will follow in her footsteps.

Cindy Crawford may be the most important supermodel of our time, but is looking to the next generation of models — and that includes her own offspring. Crawford has happily taken on her main role of mom, and said she is OK if her kids decide to follow in her footsteps.

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But her children, 14-year-old Presley and 12-year-old Kaia, haven’t yet decided if they’d like to start their careers this early.

“My son would not be comfortable since [he] wants to surf and hang out like a total teenage boy,” Crawford told Us Weekly. “My daughter likes it a little bit more, but she’s 12.”

But Crawford said she is looking forward to the day when one of them, or both of them, decides modeling may be the way to go. And although many celebs wouldn’t wish the lifestyle on anyone — especially their kids — Crawford will be supportive if they decide it’s for them.

“I could help guide her and help her navigate,” she explained. “I had a great experience and managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls of the fashion business. So if she did want to do it, I could be her stage mom!”

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Crawford is two years away from her 50th birthday, and understands the industry is completely different now than it was in the late ’80s, when she rose to fame. She said, “They have this whole social media platform that we did not have, and they have that direct relationship with their fans, which is great. I think, for our generation, it wasn’t until House of Style that took us from being two-dimensional to where we could show our personality.”

Crawford has been married to her husband Rande Gerber for 15 years, and until she can take on the role of stage mom, she is happy to promote her beauty brand and be a mom and wife.

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