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QUIZ: How would you die in Game of Thrones?

You can only tell death, “Not today,” for so long. Especially in the world of Game of Thrones. Find out how your time will come with our quiz.

Game of Thrones has simultaneously mastered both the most gruesome and the most awesome death scenes in the history of television. Whether you’re getting your head hacked off by Joffrey or flying out the moon door, there’s really no boring way to go.

Think you have what it takes to survive? Think again. As the show has so eloquently taught us, no one is ever safe. And the more we like you, the more likely you are to be next on the chopping block. Take our quiz to find out how you would be offed in the world of Westeros.

Quiz image: HBO

How would you die in Game of Thrones? Share your results below.

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