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Falling Skies: How Drew Roy really feels about a Hal/Maggie/Ben love triangle

In our exclusive interview, Falling Skies star Drew Roy reveals details about the show’s surprising new love triangle, including his initial thoughts when he read the script and how he and the rest of the cast dealt with the news.

Falling Skies begins its fourth season on Sunday at 10/9c on TNT. SheKnows spoke exclusively with star Drew Roy (who plays Hal Mason on the show) about what’s coming up for his character and everyone else who has survived the alien invasion.

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Lexi is one character who has been on a lot of fans’ minds, and Roy promised there will be a lot happening with her in Season 4.

“This is a pretty unique season in the fact that, as you can all probably guess, that Lexi character is really going to be a pivotal part of the season. The character of Lexi continues to unfold. So, as soon as you think you kind of know what that character’s all about, something new will be introduced and spins everything in a different direction. You’ll love her sometimes, you’ll hate her at other times, and she’s a central figure of this season. Everything revolves around her,” Roy revealed.

Another big theme in Season 4 will be everyone learning to cope after they are all split up during an attack. “You get to check out these characters interacting with other characters they don’t usually talk with, and you get to see new relationships formed and bonded and see what comes up,” Roy said.

Hal and Maggie definitely had some struggles last season. When Season 4 opens, Hal will be trying to move on, but things are going to get real complicated real fast.

“Hal is the kind of guy that likes to get it all out on the table, deal with it and move on,” Roy said. “I don’t think he likes to hold grudges. So as this season opens, you see him making another attempt to talk with Maggie [and] put that behind them so they can go back to being who they are together — Hal and Maggie — and trusting each other. But Maggie doesn’t want to have anything to do with it and shuts Hal out, and moments after that, an attack happens and they become split up.”

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Fans of Hal and Maggie are going to have to wait a while to see their favorite couple reunited. “It’s about halfway through the season before they’ll see each other again,” Roy revealed. “You’re going to see Hal on a mission to find his brothers and Maggie. He doesn’t know if they’re alive or dead. He’s going to be leading people to help them out, but also for himself, to be able to hopefully to find [his] family members.”

But it won’t just be the distance between them that is going to challenge Hal and Maggie’s relationship this season. There’s a big twist coming.

“At the same time, there’s a little romance going on between Ben and Maggie — unbeknownst to Hal —  and that is a huge obstacle he has to deal with once he finally finds them. After the joy of coming back and being connected with them washes off, he begins to realize that there’s a little bit more going on than he could have ever expected,” Roy said.

The Hal/Maggie/Ben love triangle was a twist that came as quite the surprise to the actor. “When they first told me about that, I honestly didn’t like it,” Roy shared. “I didn’t see how it was going to work. It didn’t make sense to me. I felt like it was going to leave all three characters in an unglamorous light. I just couldn’t understand how and why we were doing this.”

Once Roy and his co-stars got over their initial shock, they worked hard to make the story into something they (and the fans) could get behind.

“Because of [the surprise], we really took a lot of time to break those scenes down. Sarah [Carter], who plays Maggie, and Connor [Jessup], who plays Ben, and I would all talk and try to figure out what would be the best way to do this, and because of that attention to detail, we really turned it into something that’s kind of interesting.”

Roy encouraged fans to give the new storyline a shot and advised they may be surprised with how they feel about it later in the season. “It’s going to take a little getting used to, I think, seeing Maggie and Ben interacting with each other,” Roy said. “But it’s a slow build, and it’s one of these stories that I think that different people watching can justify being a fan of each of the three characters and their motivation for why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

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After a while, Roy was happy to take on the new challenge. “[When I read the script,] I felt like it might be the wrong thing to do, but then again that competitive side of it came out and I was like, ‘All right, let’s just figure out how to make this work,’ and that’s what I love about acting. I love puzzles, and I feel like every scene is a puzzle.”

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