VIDEO: Girl Meets World cast spills 16 spoilers from Season 1

In our exclusive interviews, the cast of Girl Meets World spills 16 spoilers every fan should know about the show’s first season.

Ever since word got out that Disney had ordered a full season of Girl Meets World, fans have been in a frenzy to find out anything and everything they could about the new show.

Recently SheKnows was on set with the cast, including Danielle Fishel, Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard, Corey Fogelmanis, Peyton Meyer and Sabrina Carpenter.

Here are 16 spoilers we learned about the show’s first season.

Riley is more off-beat than popular

Rowan Blanchard, who plays Riley on the show, revealed, “Riley was what I was, which was kind of off-beat, not really in that popular crowd.”

Maya is the coolest girl in school

Blanchard also revealed an important detail about Riley’s best friend. “Maya’s for sure the coolest one in school. They balance each other out because Riley and Maya are almost opposites, so opposites definitely attract.”

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Riley will have an identity crisis

When asked what kinds of lessons the kids will learn in the first season, Blanchard said, “Definitely a lot of friendship lessons. Riley has an identity crisis, and we’ll explore that for sure.”

Farkle is the genius of the show

Corey Fogelmanis, who plays Farkle on the show, described his character as “the genius of the show. He really enjoys learning; he’s very smart.”

Fogelmanis revealed that it won’t always be smooth sailing for Farkle and he will get picked on, but “I have great friends, so they stand up for me.”

The show will tackle bullying

Bullying is a big issue these days, and Fogelmanis said that Girl Meets World will definitely be taking on that subject. “In that episode, they’re going to learn that people bully to make themselves feel better, and that’s not right. So we cover that.”

Farkle is also a sweetheart

When asked about some other subjects the show will cover, Fogelmanis revealed just how sweet his character is. “There’s huge lessons in every episode, but I think another one that we covered is inner beauty, which is a really great episode,” he said. “We just talk about giving someone a makeover and then I’m the one who says, ‘I liked her the way she was before. She doesn’t need all that makeup.'”

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Lucas and Riley definitely have a connection

When asked about the relationship between Lucas and Riley, Peyton Meyer (who plays Lucas) said, “They have a little connection going, yeah.”

Maya doesn’t actually have a crush on Lucas

Some people have been theorizing that Maya might also have a crush on Lucas, but Meyer said, “No, it’s actually the opposite. She does not like my country style.”

Lucas is not a bad boy

When asked if he was playing the bad boy on the show, Meyer said, “Nope, I’m the good one.”

Lucas, Riley, Maya and Farkle “roll as a pack”

Meyer also said Lucas isn’t a troublemaker, but the whole group can sometimes get themselves into hot water. “My guy, he doesn’t really cause a lot of trouble. Me, Riley, Maya and Farkle, we roll as a pack. So whoever’s in trouble, we’re all in trouble.”

Lucas will be new to the school in the first episode

Meyer also revealed that viewers will get to see the moment he meets his new group of friends. “I meet them in the first episode. It’s funny, we’re on the subway to school and we’re all just talking and they notice me, and the subway stops and they all fall towards me.”

Cory doesn’t like kids talking in his class

When asked what Cory’s (Ben Savage) pet peeves were, Meyer said it was “when kids talk during his class. He does not like that. He likes to be the teacher.”

Maya has a lot of family issues

Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Maya, revealed that a lot will be learned about her character in the first season.

“You’ll learn a lot about Maya’s background throughout the first season. You’ll learn that her father is not there. Also, her mother is a very absentee mother. She’s got a broken home, and that’s been really cool for me to be able to play because I’ve got such a supportive family.”

Maya is sarcastic, but not necessarily mean

Some people have been describing Maya as popular, but Carpenter disagreed. “It’s funny that you say that, because I don’t think I have ever, or they have ever, specified her as popular. I think it’s just that she’s got this personality that I guess is kind of magnetic, which I think is really cool.”

Cory is an over-protective father

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When asked what worried Cory the most, Danielle Fishel (who plays Topanga) said, “Anything that is possibly a threat to his daughter staying pure and wonderful and 12. Anything that makes her not be 12 or 13 anymore is what he is the most neurotic about. He’s definitely an over-protective father.”

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The show will deal with modern topics

For his part, Savage talked about the kinds of modern issues the show will be tackling in the first season. “It’s a much more complicated world than it was for Boy Meets World. There’s the internet, there’s Instagram, there’s Facebook, there’s cyberbullying, there’s just a whole host of issues that young kids have to deal with today that they really didn’t have to deal with in the ’90s. But it’s definitely something that we’re exploring and that we’re working on, and it’s something that we’re dealing with ourselves.”


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