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VIDEO: Joan Rivers roasts everyone in Hollywood in new book

Joan Rivers is not known for her kind comments, so it’s not surprising that her new book Diary of a Mad Diva roasts countless celebs. But has she taken it too far this time?

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Joan Rivers has some harsh words for half the women in Hollywood in her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva. The 81-year-old star, who is not afraid to speak her mind, has been engaged in more than one celeb feud in the past, and in her book, she’s certainly not holding back either.

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Some of the celebs that Rivers roasts include Girls creator Lena Dunham, who she described as the “first fat girl naked on the television.” The TV personality then went on to make nasty comments about Dunham’s weight, asking why the star is willing to “have her fat a** on display” but not willing to “have a f***ing salad once in a while?”

Fat shaming Dunham is just the start of the roasts contained in the book, however. The Fashion Police star goes on to use her acid tongue to describe Tyra Banks as a “narcissistic loser” who’s “always standing up for herself and her race over perceived slights. For example, she’ll say ‘You just pushed me because I’m black,'” Rivers writes. “No, I pushed you because the train was coming right at you, you bulimic twit!”

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Miley Cyrus also couldn’t escape from Rivers’ vicious comments, and according to the New York Daily News, Rivers mocked the fact that the “Wrecking Ball” hit maker claims she remained a virgin until she was 16 years old. Rivers implied that was the result of family incest.

Other stars caught in the crossfire include Paris Hilton, with Rivers saying, “It’s all over the news that Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy to prevent getting cancer. I think Paris Hilton should … step up to the plate and try to prevent STDs. It would be so easy for her. All she would have to do is have her knees fused together.”

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And Rivers also said Hollywood’s girl-next-door Jennifer Aniston has “dated, been cheated on and dumped” by countless men in Hollywood and still looks surprised when it happens again.

You can read the rest in Rivers’ book, which will be released on July 1.

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