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Mark Wahlberg lost 60 pounds on a miserable liquid diet

Mark Wahlberg knows a thing or two about diet hell. The hunky Transformers star has opened up about shedding 60 pounds for his role in The Gambler.

Mark Wahlberg spent four months on a “miserable” diet in order to prep for his role in the upcoming film, The Gambler. The process was anything but fun for the beefcake of a star, who knows plenty about great-tasting food as part of the Wahlburgers restaurant team.

“I lost 60 pounds jumping rope and being on a liquid diet,” the 43-year-old actor recently shared with USA Weekend. “It was me being miserable for four months.”

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The transformation was so severe that Michael Bay, director of Transformers: Age of Extinction, was shocked by Wahlberg’s drastic appearance change.

“(Bay) said that he thought I was dying,” the father of four explained.

“I craved everything and anything, mostly the (stuff) I don’t eat. Like pizza,” the typically health-conscious star went on to say, adding that along with cravings, he suffered mood swings while on the liquid diet.

As soon as filming was done, Wahlberg went into binge mode on breakfast food. “I had pancakes, eggs-over-easy, hash browns, real bacon and English muffins,” he said. “I felt sick for two days.”

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The star previously told Extra his goal was to get “as thin as possible” for the gangster film, but being around his kids while they were eating sometimes felt like torture.

“Anytime I smell food, I get crazy,” he shared in January. “My daughter was eating this blueberry scone, and I wanted to like — I was going to jack her for it. I was literally going to rob my almost-4-year-old daughter for her little blueberry muffin.”

In all, Wahlberg went from 197 pounds to 137 pounds for The Gambler, but is now back to his normal weight.

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