VIDEO: 5 offensive standards T.I. wants from his “No Mediocre” women

T.I. has some pretty high standards for his women in his new song “No Mediocre,” and they’re pretty offensive.

After this week, we’ve learned that T.I. is man of strong opinions. Just take a look at his scathing response to Azealia Banks after the femcee made some not-so-subtle jabs at his wife Tiny, which all began after the hip-hop heavyweight dropped his new collaboration “No Mediocre” featuring Iggy Azalea. SheKnows had some time to let the lyrics to the new song sink in, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the guy has some pretty strong and offensive standards for his women.

1.) T.I. doesn’t waste any time with his expectations, spitting, “Right hand in the air/ I solemnly swear/ I never f*** a b**** if she don’t do her hair.” There you have it, ladies. Grand Hustle honcho has laid down the lines. If he catches you without your hair done, you are mediocre.

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2.) Later on, the emcee confesses that if you don’t have a “pretty face fat a**,” then he’s going to pass on you. Is he still watching reruns of MTV’s 2005 show Next? Well, excuse us.

3.) Let’s face it. The majority of a standard rap video consists of beautiful women, lots of expensive jewelry, and, of course, cars. But you’d better know your automobiles if you want to live up to T.I.’s standards. Toward the end of this second verse, he lays down some bars that focuses primarily on that price tag. “I just handed her the keys to a new drop Jag/ When she took it I took it back/ You shoulda asked for a Benz/ That’s mediocre b****,” he raps.

4.) Aside from styled hair and Dunks that rival those of Kim Kardashian, T.I. is looking for a lady that wears heels. “Get her out dem tennis shoe/ Throw some heels on a b****,” he raps later on in the song.

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5.) In the end, you’ll find his standards loud and clear in the hook as he rhymes, “From they head to they toes they so far from mediocre.” Funny thing is, T.I. rapped a very different tune in “Change Your Life,” his last collabo with Azalea. Instead of spewing a list of unrealistic standards for his women, he was interested in treating his girl to fashion luxuries. It sounds like someone had a change of heart.


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