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VIDEO: Game of Thrones done in Brady Bunch style

Game of Thrones got a very funny alternate opening title sequence à la The Brady Bunch to explain the “complicated relationships” between characters.

A new Game of Thrones alternate opening credits sequence was given The Brady Bunch treatment to hilariously explain the crazy relationships between the show’s characters.

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The Wil Wheaton Project thought it would be helpful to fans if they came up with an alternate title sequence to Game of Thrones, explaining the characters’ “complicated relationships.” The end result is a hilarious clip depicting the show’s cast in the classic Brady Bunch TV squares fashion.

“Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three kids, one a pest. He had hair of gold like his uncle, because of incest,” the lyrics begin as the Lannister family is shown in their squares.

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It goes on introducing the rest of the cast with super-funny explanations for the labyrinth of plot lines and stories that happen within the popular HBO hit.

The video continues with more of the characters’ doings, going over the many murders and deceptions. “Here’s the story of a man named Stark, he was noble so he was killed pretty quick. Then there’s one man with the name of Balon Greyjoy, they cut off his d***.”

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The sequence then goes on with, “Till one day when these ladies met these fellows, and they slipped each other very graphic bones. And this group would somehow murder families. That’s the way we all play the Game of Thrones.”

Wil Wheaton then ends the clip with saying he can’t wait for the “special episode where they go to Hawaii.”

You can watch the hilarious Brady Bunch-like sequence in the video below.

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