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Creepy Sandra Bullock stalker pleads not guilty to charges

It’s been a scary time for Sandra Bullock. While the actress is beefing up security, her alleged stalker pleaded not guilty in an LA courtroom on Wednesday.

Even though he’s behind bars, Sandra Bullock can’t rest easy after her stalker pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday. Joshua James Corbett was caught inside the actress’s home on June 8.

He is charged with breaking and entering her house in addition to over a dozen felony charges because law enforcement found an arsenal of weapons in his Montrose, California, home. According to the Los Angeles Times, the 19 felony counts include seven counts for possession of a machine gun, two counts of possession of an illegal assault rifle and 10 counts of possession of a destructive device.

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Corbett has been ordered by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Renee Korn to stay at least 200 yards away from the Gravity star. That shouldn’t be hard since he’s currently being held in lieu of bail set at $2.18 million.

Corbett scaled a fence on her property and broke into her house in the early hours of June 8. Prosecutors reported that he entered through a back door. While he did not have any weapons on him at the time, Bullock was home during the break-in after attending a Hollywood event the night before.

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It’s unclear where her 4-year-old son Louis was during the incident, but Us Weekly confirmed he was with a nanny that evening.

A source told the entertainment magazine that Bullock is “totally freaked out by what happened,” and is in the process of “hiring around-the-clock security.”

The new charges involving the illegal weapons carry a sentence of 12 years or more in jail.

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