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SPOILERS: Mistresses‘ Catherine Haena Kim on Karen’s “crazy little sexcapade

Mistresses‘ Anna has only just started to show her stripes. Actress Catherine Haena Kim tells us things are going to get a lot crazier starting next week.

Meet Mistresses‘ new bad girl Catherine Haena Kim. She’s entering the show as Karen’s new therapy patient Anna, who brings more than just baggage to their sessions. Apparently, next week on the show, Anna will spill all her dirty secrets. And dirty they are. Turns out, she’s an escort!

“My character comes in a lot the second half of the season. So I have some really fun scenes this upcoming Monday night, and then pretty much, like, Episode 7 on I’m in a lot of that, so that’ll be really fun. And there’s always these cliffhangers and jaw-dropping endings that keep you wanting more.”

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Now that this shocking twist has been unveiled, we chatted with Kim on what’s in store for her character. Sure, there’s a lot of drama and crying, but mostly she’ll just be influencing Karen on a romp of her own. Is a little nookie the key to curing Karen’s post-traumatic stress disorder?

“She [Karen] kind of goes on this crazy little sexcapade,” Kim spilled, “and in part influenced by my character enticing her so much with my stories, of course. And that all happens this Monday.”

Initially, it appeared as though Karen would be the one mentoring Anna, but it looks like in the upcoming episodes the tables will turn.

“We have a very interesting relationship,” Kim told us of where things are headed for Anna and Karen. “Even I was really surprised by some of the things that I had to do. She [Karen] kind of takes me under her wing. I think you can tell from the season opener that she was kind of apprehensive about going back into a private practice.”

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Kim continued, “I cause some trouble for her. I think my character Anna has good intentions, and I think the other thing is she’s just kind of lost and trying to figure out her way, and I think we can all kind of relate to being in that position, you know?”

Kim admitted she was definitely apprehensive when she found out she’d landed the role on the sexy summer soap.

“To be really honest, I had no idea what to expect because I auditioned with the scenes from the first episode where my character Anna goes into the ER.”

Despite her nerves, Kim has embraced the character and all her sobbing drama. “They’ve been entrusting me with these really meaty, drama for the mama kind of scenes,” Kim told us. “I swear, I cry in like every other scene that I have!”

“As an actor it’s such a dream to play because the character goes through such a wide spectrum of emotions and situations and circumstances. I mean, that’s the dream, right? To get to stretch yourself as an actor and see how you can relate to these characters that might be so far removed from you in life.”

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Out of everyone in the cast, Catherine Haena Kim told us she’s bonded most with Yunjin Kim, who plays Karen.

“I know a lot of people really know her for Lost, of course, but she’s a mega-movie star in Korea,” Catherine Haena Kim explained, “and she was blowing up in Korea before she even did Lost. And so she has been doing this for a very long time, and it shows because she makes things look so easy.”

She said Yunjin Kim gives her helpful little tips while they’re filming.

According to Catherine Haena Kim, “Even in the first episode, I’m in a hospital gown for most of my scenes, so I’m just worried that my butt is hanging out of the back because it’s loosely tied, and that’s literally all I’m focusing on. She’ll notice in the camera monitor that they happen to be panning from my feet up. And she’ll be like, ‘Oh, put your legs this way. It’ll look sexier.'”

Kim had nothing but positive things to say about her co-star. In fact, she was enthusiastic about the entire cast and crew, giving props to all of the departments involved. “Everyone is so welcoming.”

“The show is such a wonderfully, soapy, guilty pleasure show,” Catherine Haena Kim said. We can’t wait to see where it takes her character.

Are you as shocked as we are that Anna is an escort? Will you be watching Mistresses this Monday on ABC?

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