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Susan Sarandon’s granddaughter will have unusual name

Susan Sarandon’s daughter is pregnant with a baby girl, and the actress can’t wait to become a grandmother. But what will the little girl be named?

Susan Sarandon is about to become a sexy grandma. Her 29-year-old daughter Eva Amurri Martino will be giving birth to a baby girl later this summer, and the Oscar-winning star cannot wait.

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“I’m very excited to be a grandmother. It’s going to happen soon. She’s due in August,” Sarandon revealed to People magazine at the Coach Summer Party on the High Line in New York City on Tuesday.

“I’m making my way to LA and cleared August and most of September to be with her,” The Lovely Bones actress declared. “I’m not sure I’ll be in the delivery room, but I’ll be available for whatever she needs.”

Sarandon is thrilled with the news of becoming a granny to a baby girl, but given that many celebrity babies are named some very interesting names, everyone is wondering what the tiny tot will be called.

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Unfortunately, the 67-year-old actress is not letting any secrets slip, but she did offer up some hints.

“It’s not a vegetable, a city or a place,” she told the magazine. “It’s a real name, but it’s unusual. I really like it.”

Sarandon still remains very young at heart, and she’s not ready to be called Grandma just yet. Nope, instead the actress would like to be called Honey.

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“It seems different and sounds warm and sweet. I don’t know if the baby will know how to say it right away, but that’s what we are going for,” she confessed.

Well, she may not be called Grandma in real life, but she is getting plenty of experience on her new comedy film Tammy, where she stars as Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother.

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