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Kourtney Kardashian to Scott Disick: Be a better father

Kourtney Kardashian reportedly told Scott Disick to start acting like a better dad after he began going back to his partying ways.

A third-time pregnant Kourtney Kardashian has become fed up with husband Scott Disick’s partying and told him he’d best start being a better dad or else.

The notorious reality father has been going back to his hard-partying ways and his wife is getting tired of it. Kardashian apparently told Disick he’d better clean up his act or be on his way, Us Weekly reported.

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While at the family’s Hamptons summer rental, Disick has been reportedly going out drinking a lot and not spending time with the couple’s two kids. With a third child on the way, Kardashian told Disick he needs to shape up. In fact, during one of his party nights, the eldest Kardashian sister got so upset, she kicked Disick out of the rented luxury estate and told him to go sleep at a hotel.

“Kourtney was yelling at Scott after she found an inappropriate picture of him with another girl,” a source in the know told Us.

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Disick recently lost both his parents and he’s been dealing with it by going out drinking in New York City while the family hangs at the Hamptons mansion. But he’s been taking it too far and Kardashian is mad he’s not keeping up with his fatherly duties.

“You need to be a more responsible father and get better,” a source said Kardashian yelled while fighting with Disick the night she kicked him out. “There is another baby on the way! You need to straighten up or get out!”

The Kardashian clan has been spending time in the posh Hamptons area while Khloé and Kourtney are shooting their newest reality spinoff, Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons. No word on whether the marital issues between Kardashian and Disick will be documented in the new series, but chances are the whole drama will unfold before everyone’s TV screens soon enough.

In the meantime, Kardashian remains worried and hopes having another baby will force Disick back to his senses.

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