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VIDEOS: Ed Sheeran’s 7 most awesome covers

We’ve waited a long time for Ed Sheeran’s sophomore album, x, but he’s done a great job of keeping us entertained. Instead of letting his first album do all the work, our favorite ginger has stayed active with a constant stream of excellent covers. We did what we do best: We picked our favorites.

Sigh. There’s something magnetic about that fair-skinned, guitar-playing ginger singer/rapper-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, that we just can’t seem to shake. We have so much love for this dude, even his BFF status with Taylor Swift can’t make us hate. (We’ll just scoff quietly and mostly to ourselves.) Everything Sheeran does is golden, and that includes his attempts to cover other people’s big hits. Are they better than the originals? Not necessarily. But Sheeran could sing us the phone book and we’d still say it’s the greatest thing ever. These covers, though, just happen to be our favorites.

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Sam Smith’s Stay With Me
Sam Smith’s gorgeous new single is perfection in and of itself, but Sheeran’s version is also delightful with its stripped-down backing music and undiva-fied vocals.

Lorde’s Royals
For a hot second there, we all loved “Royals,” but now we’re feeling royally over it. Sheeran’s stab at the song breathes in new life.

Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love
How can anyone compete with Queen Bey? You just can’t, and Sheeran doesn’t even try when he goes at it in this cover. So good.

Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time
Sometimes the best covers are the ones that take you back in time and transform you to another dimension. We’re not saying we pictured Sheeran in pigtails and a plaid skirt or anything, we’re just saying he’d made an adequate replacement if Brit ever needed a break.

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No Diggity (Blackstreet) and Thrift Shop (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) mashup with Passenger
We like the way he works it here.

Oasis’ Wonderwall
Dang, we wish we could find an actual video of Sheeran performing this song. The music speaks for itself, though. This might be our favorite cover on the list.

Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love
This Bob Dylan jam has been covered by roughly the entire world, but it never gets old, and we never stop feeling every d*** word of the song. Sheeran knocks it out of the park. That’s just his style.

Did we miss a few covers? Probably! Tell us your favorite Ed Sheeran cover in the comments below. We don’t want to miss out on anything this dude does in music.

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