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Playing House Season 1 finale: 5 Moments of tears & laughter

We take a look at five moments from the Playing House season finale that had us laughing and crying.

USA’s Playing House ended its first season with a double episode that focused on the birth of Maggie’s (Lennon Parham) baby and the chaos that surrounded the blessed event. The series started with a lot of laughs, but the finale also brought more than a few tearful moments as well.

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“Les” be friends

The first moment of hilarity wasn’t just a moment, it was a long story concocted by the girls once they realized their doctor was a lesbian… and thought they were, too. Maggie’s original doctor skipped town after winning big at the lottery, leaving her with Doctor J, who assumed Maggie and Emma’s (Jessica St. Clair) relationship went beyond friendship. When Doctor J mentioned taking them on a trip, the girls took the lie even further, coming up with a backstory that included a wedding and a Hugo Boss sleeveless tuxedo top. The more intricate the story got, the funnier it got as well.

Here’s your dolphin

Poor Bruce has been clueless from the beginning of the series, but you have to give him points for trying. Hearing that Maggie was in labor, he showed up at the hospital and had no problem being a part of the girls’ lies, agreeing to play the part of the cousin of the dead sperm donor. But his funniest moment came when he solemnly presented Maggie with a plastic dolphin pool toy. Why? To replace the missed experience she had when they lost their chance to swim with dolphins. The dolphin became a hilarious prop when Maggie lost the special pillow her newly doula-trained brother gave her.

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Momma’s here

In a moment seen a million times in TV births, Maggie grew tired near the end of her delivery and declared she couldn’t push any longer. But instead of going into comical coach mode and screaming at Maggie that she could do it, Emma took a different approach. Reminding Maggie of the day of her parents’ funeral, Emma told her friend that her mother was there in the room, wearing the same awful housecoat they remembered from their childhood. It was a tearful and beautiful moment within all the comedy.

Drunk Mark

After the birth of the baby, Maggie tried to take care of everything herself — not just her baby, but planning the christening. The only thing she allowed Emma to handle was getting hold of some antique dishes that belonged to Bird Bones (aka Mark’s wife). Unfortunately, Mark and his wife had a fight, which sent him to the local bar to get plastered. Though the circumstances were sad, drunk Mark brought on many laughs. Especially when he couldn’t tell Emma from the biker sitting next to him at the bar.

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Back to the dollhouse

At the end of the episode, Mark’s life was in a happier place, which immediately sent Emma into a sad place. She ran to the little playhouse in Maggie’s backyard, seeking the solitude that was also causing her so much pain. Maggie followed her in with little Charlotte in tow and told her friend that she wasn’t alone. To prove how much she would be a part of their lives, Maggie then showed Emma Charlotte’s birth certificate. It had the baby’s middle name listed as “Emma,” which sent them both into tears.

What did you think of the Playing House season finale? What were you favorite moments from both episodes?

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