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30 Seconds to Mars drummer Shannon Leto popped for DUI

Shannon Leto was arrested on Monday night for driving under the influence.

30 Seconds to Mars drummer Shannon Leto was taken into custody by police last night for driving under the influence in Hollywood, according to TMZ.

Leto, who is brother and bandmate to actor Jared Leto, was arrested around 7 p.m., when officers found his car stalled on Fairfax Boulevard. TMZ’s sources say that Shannon Leto was exhibiting signs of impairment and also had an outstanding traffic warrant for driving without a license.

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Being arrested for driving while intoxicated is probably not the best feeling in the world, but at least the older Leto brother is in good company. He joins a laundry list of celebrities who have faced the same legal drama. Lamar Odom, Justin Bieber, David Cassidy, Amanda Bynes, Kevin Hart, Matthew Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Pressly and Chris Pine have all been charged with DUI in the past, and that’s just the short list.

The drummer might want to give Bynes a call to get a meeting with her lawyer, Rich Hutton. The actress had her DUI charges dropped back in February as part of a plea deal. Bynes pleaded guilty to a “wet reckless” in the deal, which is still alcohol-related but not as serious as DUI, and avoided doing any jail time.

Shannon Leto was still in custody this morning and being held on $5,000 bail for the DUI on top of $2,500 for driving without a license, according to TMZ.

The elder Leto sibling may be in some hot water at present moment, but his Oscar-winning brother doesn’t seem to be sweating the legal snafu. Jared posted a silly mustache pic of himself on Instagram this morning, while his brother was quite possibly still in jail.

While it’s hard to have sympathy for someone who puts other people’s lives in peril by driving while intoxicated, sometimes DUIs happen to good people. Our hearts melted when Shannon and Jared posted screen grabs on Instagram last February of the two Facetiming their mother to ask her to accompany them to the upcoming Academy Awards, where Jared later won Best Supporting Actor. Even mama’s boys sometimes get in trouble.

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