6 Ways to get your British detective series fix

Jul 28, 2014 at 3:12 p.m. ET
Image: ITV

We miss Sherlock, too. And it's not cool that the BBC (or, more likely, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's schedules) are keeping us waiting such a painfully long time for the new series. While no one can replace Cumberbatch, there are plenty of other heavily English-accented detective shows worth checking out. Between PBS syndication and a Netflix or Amazon account, you should be able to keep from going into withdrawal before Cumberbutt returns.

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Well, OK. There is one man who can replace Cumberbatch and that's The Doctor David Tennant. After playing a somewhat goofy lead alien on Doctor Who, Tennant touched back down to earth as a detective on Broadchurch. The program did so well in the U.K., America got its own version. Still... nothing beats Tennant and his accent.

Death in Paradise

Perhaps our favorite of the British detective shows. Death in Paradise is a strangely beautiful mix of House Hunters International (pale Brit trying to start again in an exotic Caribbean locale) and the normal detective show. We want to move there... and yet we don't. 'Cause, you know, there's a lot of crime.

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Technically, Poirot is Belgian, but we don't hold that against him. Agatha Christie's Poirot is still a classic British detective show. They love it, which is why it ran for a total of 13 seasons. Agatha Christie isn't for everyone, but if you start going deep into detectives and crime drama, Poirot is kind of a must.

Prime Suspect

Want to really have some fun? Prime Suspect is a television crime drama that starred Helen Mirren before she became the queen and Americans fell in love with her. She might be one of the best detectives of the lot, but that doesn't save this lady from constant ridicule and harassment from the boys' club.

Scott & Bailey

This is also a great replacement for Rizzoli & Isles. It focuses on two female detectives in the fictional Manchester Metropolitan Police and offers up a healthy dose of drama at work and after hours. Scott and Bailey might be good girlfriends, but they're worlds apart personality-wise. This, of course, tends to help lighten the more murdery aspects of the show. We approve.

DCI Banks

If you like the darker, creepier stuff like The Killing, DCI Banks is the way to go. Banks is a little loveable for being uptight (or is it just us?), especially in contrast to his assistant, who's a lot more carefree. It reminds us a bit of the Abby/Gibbs relationship on NCIS, but not quite.

See? Now your Sherlock break won't be quite as bad. Enjoy those accents and try not to make yourself paranoid.

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