Top 5 memes for Robin van Persie’s amazing goal

He scored a goal and helped his team win over Spain, but Robin van Persie’s fame didn’t end there. See some of the memes sweeping the internet.

Everyone is going crazy for the 2014 World Cup and it’s already created an internet sensation: Robin van Persie, a Dutch soccer player. On Friday, the athlete scored a goal in the most impressive way — using his head.

His goal helped his team win over Spain with a score of 5-1. It also started a meme frenzy that has yet to slow down. His flying move had van Persie doing everything from hanging with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in the night sky to defying gravity on the moon.

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Take a look at some of the memes that were inspired by the Dutchman’s amazing move.

1. Disney

There’s nothing like a good Disney movie with your favorite animated characters and a Dutch athlete.

2. Twitter

Does Twitter need a new logo?

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3. The Moon

The Dutch athlete does his best Buzz Aldrin imitation. It isn’t easy out there in space, but van Persie is ready.

4. Babies

Even the baby set is getting in on the act. They don’t want to be left out even though they aren’t walking yet. Practice makes perfect.

5. Mission Impossible

Even Tom Cruise needs some help on his busiest days. With van Persie’s airborne ways, he could definitely be of use to Ethan Hunt and his missions in the next film.

Watch the video of Persie’s amazing goal here.


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