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Maria Menounos on her pre-cellulite: I’m OK with that

Maria Menounos struggled with her weight back in her college days, but these days is only focused on staying healthy.

Maria Menounos has never been known as someone with a weight problem, but the TV host is now opening up about keeping the perfect body. Menounos’ comment may be surprising to some — she said she is no longer concerned with that goal.

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“If I were to take my jeans off right now, you would see pre-cellulite,” Menounos told Health magazine. “It doesn’t look that good, but I’m OK with that. We’re all human.”

Menounos isn’t worried about keeping her figure, but she is inspired by others who work harder than she does for the perfect body.

“Trust me: I’ll see Giuliana Rancic’s tweets in the morning and she’s like, ‘At the gym at 4 a.m.,’ and I’m thinking, ‘God bless you!’ I could never in a million years,” she said. “I never look at anybody’s body and think, ‘Oh my God, I hate her.’ What I do is admire.”

Menounos has kept the pounds off by focusing on her health before her weight, and making sure she exercises throughout the day.

The former Extra host’s mind-set over her body has to do with her past health problems. She told the magazine that she found herself overweight after letting herself eat anything in college, and began dieting — but not in healthy ways.

“Even though I was skinny, I was eating so poorly that I landed in the hospital for dehydration and nutrient issues,” Menounos explained. “I was in the hospital for a week with a rare intestinal infection. They thought I had SARS.”

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After that moment in the hospital room, she decided to take control of her life and her health. She said, “I wrote on a piece of paper, ‘I will not compromise my health for anyone or anything ever again.’ I still have that note.”

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