24: Live Another Day review: The Jack and Heller show

Jack helps Heller initiate his plan with the help of Mark, Kate makes a tough decision to get the truth out of Simone and Jordan continues to fight for his life in “6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.”

That didn’t really happen, did it? We didn’t actually see the president offer himself up as a sacrifice and Margot actually kill him with a missile, did we? I supposed anything is possible on 24: Live Another Day.

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  • ICYMI last time…
  • Simone survived her run-in with a bus, but was still in danger when her mother decided to kill her before she could talk.
  • Jack and Kate tried to question Simone and discovered Margot had sent a drone to the hospital.
  • Jack and Kate got Simone out before the drone hit and killed hundreds of people. They got into a car and were attacked multiple times until Margot’s drone ran out of missiles.
  • Margot decided she needed to move to another location when she found out they didn’t kill Simone.
  • Jordan got close to discovering Steve’s secret so Steve sent an assassin after him. Jordan was shot, but managed to get away.
  • President Heller called Margot and said he would give himself up.

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I know I said in my review of last week’s episode that it would sort of make sense for Heller to give himself up since he was sick anyway, but I never expected him to actually go through with it. I mean I thought he would maybe let Margot capture him and hold him hostage and torture him, but then Jack would ride in like a white knight and save him. What actually happened was much colder and yet completely heartbreaking. So much so that I almost hope that it’s not actually some sort of trick (as I suspect it might be) because it would cheapen Heller’s final moments and all that he went through to make that happen.

Speaking of all he went through — before things went all “boom” I was really enjoying all the moments that Jack and Heller had together. They were sincere but also a touch comical and it was nice to see Jack interacting with someone who trusted him that much. Sure, he had Kate for a little while and even Chloe, but I didn’t see the same sort of connection with them that I saw between Jack and Heller. I wanted them to continue doing their little black ops mission forever, with Heller acting as the dotty old guy to distract people while Jack knocked them senseless and hid them in bathrooms.

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Jordan once again proved that he was the unexpected hero in this episode. Calling Steve wasn’t his brightest move, but it’s not like he had any clue what was really happening. He caught on pretty quick though and I just hope he survives those wounds long enough for someone, probably Kate, to rescue him.

That leads to the mystery of exactly why Adrian is involved with Steve and the whole frame-up of Kate’s husband. There are now two people within this whole thing that can’t be trusted and I wonder what that’s going to mean for the rest of this mission. It doesn’t seem to be directly related yet, but I’m sure that won’t last for long.

The only question to ask now is: Will Margot actually destroy the drones now that she’s killed Heller or will Ian be able to talk her out of it. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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My favorite bits:

Heller pointing out that Jack would do the same thing in his shoes. I have no doubt of that.

Jack: “The only way we can stop this from happening is to find Margot fast. So wake the b**** up.”

Heller taking a minute to share some nice moments with his daughter.

Heller telling Jack it was a good thing he didn’t become a surgeon. I don’t know, I thought he did a pretty darn good job under the circumstances.

Heller helping Jack by distracting one of his own secret service agents.

Jack flying away with the president. Wow.

Actually screaming a little when Jordan was stabbed but then managed to kill his attacker. Talk about a bada**.

Heller walking out onto that field to meet his fate.

Gasping out loud when Margot fired that missile.

What did you think of this episode of 24: Live Another Day? Do you think Heller is really dead?


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