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Switched at Birth review: The morning after

Bay reveals what happened with Emmett and has to take some surprising steps, Daphne decides to take things into her own hands and Emmett’s troubles go from bad to worse in Season 3, Episode 12, “Love Among the Ruins.”

Welcome to the drama train, folks. Step on up and let’s go for a ride in the summer premiere of Switched at Birth.

Oh, Bay and Emmett. In my review of the spring finale, I know I said I loved them, but sometimes they both make me so mad. When the mood strikes, it can be difficult to think straight, but how could they not have sex without protection? Their story made me want to bang my head against the wall a few times in this episode, though it (almost) worked out in the end.

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Bay decided that she wanted to be with Emmett, but she really needs to make sure she breaks up with Tank first. It is definitely ironic that she has now done the one thing she promised herself she’d never do to someone: cheat. I guess now she understands how one can get caught up in emotions and hormones. Not that that’s an excuse, mind you.

As for Emmett, I felt so bad for him. He’s not in an enviable position at all. The whole reason cyberbullies (or any kind of bully, for that matter) get away with what they do is that they know people are afraid to report them. They control their victims with fear, and Matthew has both Emmett and Melody over a barrel. I don’t know what kind of photo Matthew has of Emmett, but obviously it’s bad enough to keep Emmett quiet. And I know what Melody did was technically wrong, but I can’t find it in myself to blame her at all. Someone attacked her kid, and she reacted the way I’d expect any mother to react.

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I kind of loved that when John and Kathryn found out about the vandalism at Regina’s store, they were the ones to encourage her to not back down. I thought for sure that she would try and put all of that nasty business behind her, and I admire the fact that she’s going to stick it out for the good of the neighborhood. I think if she and Wes can work together, they can find a plan that will work for everyone. She just needs to stop letting him walk all over her, and it looked like that might actually happen.

I have no idea what Daphne was thinking when she decided to go visit the guy who arranged a threat against her own mother. That was undeniably one of the dumbest ideas that girl has ever come up with, and I also can’t believe that Bay decided to go with her. Thank goodness this is an ABC Family show. I mean, can you imagine that playing out in real life? “Hey, you threatened me and my mother and now I just tricked you into losing a pool game, but can you do me a favor?” Somehow I don’t think that would have ended so well.

Luckily it went OK for Daphne — and was I the only one who detected a spark between her and Nacho? I know she’s with Campbell now, but we’ve already seen how she can get her feelings stuck between two guys, so I can’t say I’d be shocked if it happened again.

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One thing that I really liked about Daphne in this episode was her willingness to take on the scary stuff, not just with Nacho but also with Angelo. I don’t think it was easy for her to tell him that she needed him to learn how to sign, but she did it anyway. She also came up with the idea to have him move in to keep them both safe. So I guess I can’t be too mad at her about confronting a dangerous man. At least, for every bad idea she has, she comes up with a few good ones.

My favorite bits:

Daphne’s reaction to finding out about Bay and Emmett.

John: “Who knew Iceland could be so awesome?”
Kathryn: “And yet, not that icy.”

Emmett telling Matthew he did him a favor by getting him back to Bay.

Poor Bay trying to tell Tank she was breaking up with him when he was telling her how excited he was for their future. Awkward.

Bay: “I’ve lived with you for two years. You really think I don’t know when you’re lying?”

Bay suggesting they get to Nacho by flirting. I especially enjoyed the way she signed “flirt.”

Bay turning into a card shark. Who knew?

Daphne not backing down to Nacho. Whoa.

Melody pointing out that Matthew needed to be punished so that other kids would learn cyberbullying was a crime.

Wondering exactly what kind of picture Matthew had of Emmett.

Angelo learning how to sign. So cute.

Bay: “There’s so much that could drive us apart, but I’m not gonna let it.”

What did you think of this episode of Switched at Birth? Do you think Bay and Emmett can make it work?

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