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VIDEO: NBA players get their feelings hurt by mean tweets

Jimmy Kimmel hits us with another hilarious edition of celebrities reading mean tweets, and this time it’s an NBA version.

Now that basketball season is officially over and the San Antonio Spurs won the title, the men of the NBA might have a little extra time on their hands to catch up on some social networking. But the internet is a cruel, cruel place, and Jimmy Kimmel has pointed this fact out yet again with another hilarious installment of Mean Tweets.

LOL! Watch the famous read mean tweets about themselves >>

“You know, NBA players and personalities tend to be very active on Twitter, and while Twitter does give them an opportunity to connect with their fans, it also opens them up to a lot of criticism,” the host said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Some people have no problem tweeting terrible things to celebrities, and it can hurt. So, tonight, we asked some of the folks working in and around the NBA to read some of the most unpleasant tweets ever written about them.” And boy, are there some doozies.

Metta World Peace, the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest, seemed unfazed by Twitter user @StoopKidSean hurling insults his way. “What’s the difference between Ron Artest and Metta World Peace? Nothing, they are both huge pieces of s***,” the tweet reads. “Whatever, man,” the ballplayer calmly said after reading the post. Well, the guy did legally change his name to inspire youth and bring people together all over the world, so it only makes sense that he’s able to brush off a couple abrasive comments.

“Bob Costas is a vampire. Mark my words,” Bob Costas quoted of @annabellington27 ‘s tweet. While it’s true that the sportscaster does seem to be aging well, we learned on True Blood that vampires don’t use the bathroom, and we know all too well that Costas does.

A sad-faced Blake Griffin read @japoo3 ‘s tweet: “Blake Griffin is still ugly as s***.” While we strongly disagree with the sentiment, we give @japoo3 props for having the cojones to say such a mean thing about Griffin. Obviously the Twitter user didn’t hear the internet rumor about how Griffin manhandled Justin Bieber.

Watch the video below to see more hilarious mean tweets read aloud by Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neil, Rajon Rondo, Matt Barnes, Chris Paul and more!

Video credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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