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The Bachelorette review: The show confronts racism, again

Who knew miming could translate into such drama? The moral of the story this week on The Bachelorette: Think before you speak.

The Bachelorette has had its fair share of issues with diversity. Just take a look at our interview with Misee Harris if you had any doubts. Tonight, the show confronted the issue of racism once again. This time, it was within the contestants of the show, however.

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Apparently, back during week one, JJ overheard Andrew make a comment during the first rose ceremony that Andi had given roses to “the two blackies,” referring to black contestants Ron and Marquel. This week, Marquel finds out about the alleged comment and rightly takes offense.

“I hate, like, getting emotional over it. But judge me off of me, you know what I mean?” Marquel said tonight, clearly upset by the term. He continued by explaining, “It’s crazy to think that the first thing people are going to recognize about me is like ‘OK, he’s a black guy,’ and that’s the reality of it.”

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In JJ’s defense, he did specifically say that the wording could potentially have been “black guys” and not “blackies,” but he felt confident enough in the specifics to share the story with the guys of the house.

Marquel waits for the right moment and confronts Andrew, after the group date where the guys learn to mime. (The idea of non-verbal communication in this instance is not lost on us.) They each take the situation very seriously and handle it like gentlemen. Andrew is clearly shocked by the allegation and vehemently denies ever saying anything close to the alleged comment. Do you think he’s telling the truth? Was JJ actually the one being manipulative? Either way, Marquel keeps his cool the whole time and lets the situation go once he’s said his piece.

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We’d like to say, while there are some really mean people in this world, we are confident the majority of the population has seen Marquel’s true colors: bringing his smile and his cookies to his earnest attempt at finding love. It broke our hearts to see him so hurt this evening. Though he may not be Andi’s prince charming (she sends him home tonight), he’s got our vote as a good guy. (Is that The Bachelor we hear calling?) No one should be made to feel how Marquel felt during tonight’s episode.

Andrew and Patrick are also sent home this evening, after some more drama with Nick and his apparent arrogance gets in the way again.

Whew, if that’s just the tip of the drama iceberg, this may finally, actually be the season Chris Harrison could rightly dub, “The most dramatic season yet.”

Do you think tonight’s episode was a case of a misheard words? Or was Andrew lying about the comments he made?

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