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VIDEO: Kendall Jenner’s racy dress sparks stick-on speculation

Kendall Jenner’s MuchMusic Video Awards dress is now entering much-talked-about territory. Was she or wasn’t she in the underwear department?

Kendall Jenner has done the near-impossible, giving photographers at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards a bare-hip shot while wearing a floor-length gown. Slits are in, my friends, if this recently liberated star’s style is any indication of the direction trends are about to go.

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Leading many to believe that she left her unmentionables at home, the 18-year-old stunner walked the red carpet on Sunday alongside sister Kylie Jenner, daring a mishap to take place.

Strutting with her long gams visible thanks to two toe-to-lower-abdomen slits, Kendall somehow made it through the press line with her dignity intact.

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Taking to Instagram to give her followers a peek at her blog-worthy dress, the young model who is willing to go bare shared this post and the caption “Why do one slit when you can do TWO!?”

Thus far, social media reaction to Jenner’s hip dress seems mixed. One person gushed that the star “looked amazing,” while another added, “I still don’t get the fuss about @KendallJenner’s dress. They’re just her hipbones, and she looked gorgeous. Why is this even a thing?”

However, another jabbed, “Actually kind of like Kendal Jenner’s ‘hip dress’… Though I still don’t know what she’s ‘famous’ for,” while one more person ranted, “Hollywood needs to put their clothes on and start being better role models than they have!!!!!”

Love it, or too much: Are you a fan of Kendall Jenner’s racy look?

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